How to Ease Your Loved Ones Fears of Assisted Living

When transitioning to an assisted living facility, many seniors face worry and fear. Most seniors have lived in their homes for many years, so any move is scary. But, when the move entangles the help of others, there is a whole new level of worry. There are many ways to ease the fears that your loved one has when making this transition. Here are some of the best ways to make the assisted living facilities MO transition easier for your loved one.

Let Them Help Choose the Facility

Since it’s your loved one who will love at the facility, make sure you give them a say so in the facility that is chosen. When they have a helping hand in choices, they feel somewhat more comfortable with the transition and nothing is more important.

Talk to Your Loved One

Make sure to sit down and talk to your loved one about the move. Let them know why it’s time for them to make the move and assure them in every way that you can. Also make sure that your loved one knows that you’ll still be around and be there for them.

Reassure Them

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Your loved one will feel more comfortable knowing that assisted living and nursing homes are entirely different types of facilities and that their transition to assisted living facility is not the end of their life. Regular activities, social interactions, and a comfortable life are offered to people at the assisted living facility.

Big Changes Ahead

Moving to an assisted living facility insinuates many changes for seniors who likely are set in their ways and not looking forward to them at all. Use the tips above to make the transition to the assisted living facility a little bit easier for yourself and more importantly, for your loved one who is facing these changes.